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A walking tour of Canterbury

If you haven’t already noticed from my blog and social media, I live in a city in Kent called Canterbury. It’s a blogger’s dream, with it’s cute terrace houses and independent cafés and it’s a popular place with tourists. For today’s post, I’m going to show you around my beautiful city and hopefully convince a few of you to visit!

The houses

Canterbury is full of little cottages and colourful houses. It’s also full of red brick properties with bright coloured doors. All of these properties are just a short walk from the Cathedral, so if you’re in the city for the day, make sure you take a stroll away from the touristy areas and have a look at some of the idyllic houses and the pretty streets.

The restaurants and cafés

There are so many restaurants in Canterbury! La Trappiste (the Belgian restaurant) is a favourite of mine. It has vintage decor and it’s nothing like any of the other restaurants in the city centre.

There are lots of places to have afternoon tea too! Just make sure you visit one of the individual, not chain cafés and then you’re getting an authentic Canterbury experience. The Chocolate Cafe, the Moat Tea Rooms and Tiny Tim’s Tearoom are all very popular!

The shops

There are lots of one-off shops in the city, where you can buy souvenirs and gifts. Hardys sweet shop is part of a small chain, but it definitely has that classic local sweet shop feel.

The Cathedral

Last but not least is the Cathedral, which is the reason why most people visit Canterbury. It’s not cheap to visit, but it’s definitely somewhere that you should add to your UK travel bucket list. At weekends it’s extremely busy, so try and visit early in the morning if you can.

Have you ever been to Canterbury?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Jasmin says:

    Those houses look so pretty!

    ♥ Jasmin N
    // Little Things With Jassy
    // BL’

  2. I am a blogger that lives in Canterbury too! It is such a beautiful city, I love Chocolate Café �� I hope you have a lovely day! Rebecca xo

  3. Kel McK says:

    Its a beautiful city! Those cute coloured houses and pretty little doorways!
    I love the sound of the chocolate cafe too! Hope I get to visit one day! x

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