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The importance of taking time out

I’m a computing student at Kent, I write a blog, take photographs and sometimes I find that my life revolves around computers and technology. Some days, like this weekend, I just don’t fancy spending much time on the computer. I had a software presentation on Thursday and this meant lots of coding on my computer in the days before. By Friday morning I was absolutely exhausted and ready for a chilled out time at home with my family.

Whilst I was at home, I did some project work, but also focused on having some time away from my computer. I painted some Disney characters, which I shared over on Instagram and caught up on some TV shows that I’ve missed the past few weeks (FYI, I don’t have a TV at Uni).

So what’s the moral of this post? Sometimes it’s okay to take some time out from the digital world. It’ll make you feel much more refreshed later on. I’m vowing to paint as much as possible over the next few weeks. It’s my stress relief and during the busiest time of my University career, I’m going to need lots of that.

What do you do to destress or recharge your batteries?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Kel McK says:

    You paintings are wonderful! I'm very impressed – I have no artistic ability whatsover!

  2. Wow these are fab paintings! Definitely good to take time out now and again đŸ˜€


  3. Ah I know what you mean, I work in Marketing so I'm always using a computer all day and then the last thing I want to do when I'm home is look at another computer but then I want to work on my blog! It's good to take a break sometimes, that painting is amazing! x

    S x

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