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Places I’m hoping to visit in Dublin

It’s just gone 6am on Saturday morning and it’s the first time that I’ve felt that I can blog in weeks. Some days I’m working on my final uni project 9am – 10pm and I’ve just been so tired the last month or so. I’ve now only got 3 hand-ins left of my degree, so I’m quite excited to be onto the final stretch! Thinking of future travel plans is one way I’m getting through this endless amount of work and after reading Izzy’s post about her Dublin recommendations, I thought that it was about time that I came up with a list of places I’d like to visit in the city. It’s just over 3 weeks until Stuart and I head to Ireland, so we really haven’t got long to wait at all now!

1. Temple Bar.

When I was younger, I did competitive Irish Dancing for 9 years, so I’ll always feel like I have a connection to Ireland. I’d like us to spend an evening in the pubs at Temple Bar, where they play live folk music, just like the jigs I used to dance to.

2. Dublin Castle.

We’ve visited Prague Castle and the Warsaw palace together, so I think it’s a given that we go and visit Dublin Castle. The castle sounds like it has a rich history, so it’ll be interesting hearing about how the structure has changed over the years.

3. Trinity College

My parents took me to see Trinity College when I was younger and I remember it being so beautiful. I really want to take Stuart to see it, especially as we’ve been students the past 3 years. In my opinion, Trinity is just as beautiful as Cambridge and Oxford, so it’ll be lovely to wander around the university campus!

4. Ha’penny Bridge

I’d like to go and visit Dublin’s famous bridge during the day and in the evening, capturing photos of what it’s like at each time. I’m hoping to take a ‘classic Kat’ Instagram photo of a Ha’penny bridge postcard in front of the bridge itself too.

5. National Library of Dublin

From pictures, I can see that the library has an elegant, turquoise dome ceiling and at floor level, the room is full of dark wood book shelves, chairs and tables. From the outside it looks pretty spectacular too, so I’m sure the library is going to be a wonderful place to visit!
I’m really looking forward to our April Dublin trip!
Have you been to the city before? Do you have any recommendations of places to visit?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


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