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Bill’s Restaurant is now open in Canterbury – Review*

Last night I had the opportunity to review the new Bill’s Restaurant that has just opened in Canterbury City Centre. Canterbury is well know for it’s restaurant and outdoor café culture, so when I heard that Bill’s was opening, I had no doubt that the restaurant would fit right in. With fairy lights and a big glowing sign outside, Bill’s really stands out to passers by. Bill’s offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and it serves such a diverse range of cuisines. From the Bill’s Hamburger to Thai Green Chicken Curry, there really is something for everyone!
On arrival at Bill’s, we were greeted with a warm welcome and led upstairs to our table. Inside the restaurant it feels very nostalgic and there is vintage artwork dotted on the walls. There were even some 50s and 60s songs playing whilst were eating, which really made the restaurant feel timeless and for all ages. As somebody who notices the little details in everything, I really appreciated the decorations on the table. There was a candelabra on our table, which reminded me so much of Beauty and the Beast.
Our server Charlotte was really friendly and approachable. Not only did she make sure we were okay; we never had to wait long to be served. For drinks, I ordered the pink lemonade and Stuart opted for a beer.
I really liked the fact that the Pink Lemonade has fresh strawberries in it!
For a snack at the start of the meal, we ordered the Potato and Rosemary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (£4.55). This bread is fresh, delicious and it tastes just like focaccia bread. It’s one of the ‘for the table’ menu items, which could be substituted for olives, sausages or flatbread and hummus, if you’re not fancying a small loaf of bread to start.
For starters, we chose the Crumbed Halloumi Sticks (£5.95) and the Dakkochi Chicken Skewers (£6.50). If you’re a halloumi fan, you’ll love these gooey sticks and if you fancy something entirely new, the skewers are a good option. The skewers are Korean BBQ flavoured and quite spicy, so if you can’t handle spice very well, I’d say go for the Roasted Tomato soup, the Calamari or an alternative instead.
The main event was pretty exciting as Bill’s has so many different main courses that you can’t find anywhere else. I’m not a huge fan of meat and I’m quite picky, so I often find that when I go to restaurants, there’s only 1 thing on the menu that I can actually eat. This is not the case at Bill’s though, as I had quite a few options to choose from. I chose the Roasted Aubergine and Chickpea Dhal (£10.95), which was full of vegetables and flavour. Stuart ordered the Bill’s Hamburger (£10.95), which looked really good.
After all this food we were too full for dessert, but next time I head to Bill’s, I’ll definitely try the Warm Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts (£5.95) as they sounded amazing!
We really enjoyed our evening at Bill’s Restaurant in Canterbury. The food was delicious, the restaurant had a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and the staff were really welcoming. The restaurant is beautiful inside, so if you like pretty interiors, you’ll really like Bill’s.

On the way out, I couldn’t resist getting some photos of the downstairs of the restaurant.
Bill’s actually sells their own products inside the restaurants or on their separate shopping website, which you can find here. From jams to champagne, there were lots of beautifully-packaged products stacked on shelves near the entrance.

There’s even bottles of the Pink Lemonade! I thought this drink was delicious, so the fact that you can purchase a bottle of it to take home is fantastic.

A huge thank you to the staff at Bill’s Canterbury for a wonderful evening. The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday: 8am to 11pm and Sundays: 9am to 10.30pm, so if you visit anytime soon, be sure to let me know what you think. I’m hoping to try the breakfast at Bill’s soon as I’ve heard such good things about it.
Have you ever been to Bill’s? What was your favourite item on the menu?
Thanks for reading my blog today.
*Our meal at Bill’s was complimentary.


  1. Kel McK says:

    I've heard great things about Bill's – will definitely have to make sure I visit soon! x

  2. I love Bill's and I'm so happy one has opened up in my nearest city! X

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