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Visiting Harvard University

Ever since I watched the Legally Blonde movie for the first time years ago, I’ve really wanted to visit Harvard. It’s the ‘you’ve made it’ University (just like Cambridge and Oxford) and having a look around the campus was on my bucket list. Harvard is situated in the city of Cambridge, which is a long walk or a Subway ride from downtown Boston, so we planned an extra day in the city so that we could visit both Harvard and MIT.

My first impressions of the campus were “oh my gosh, it’s so green” and “it looks just like the movies”. The Harvard Campus is full of old buildings, that are surrounded by patches of grass and tall trees. The area of Halls of Residences feels like a well-kept mini village, so you can see why students like living on campus at Harvard.

The Harvard University educational buildings are spread out across Cambridge city centre and most of them are quite modern now. However, we did walk past a couple of older ones, which was more what I expected of Harvard.

In Harvard Square, there’s an official Harvard merchandise and uniform shop called The Coop. The Harvard University official colour is crimson red and all of the clothing in the shop features this colour.

I didn’t purchase any of the clothing, but I bought a postcard for my travel scrapbook from a stall nearby.

When you walk around Harvard, you really notice how prestigious and elite it is. There’s grand buildings, impressive grounds and lots of great facilities for the students. Definitely visit Harvard if you’re ever near Boston.

Have you ever visited Harvard?
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  1. Kel McK says:

    What an iconic place to visit! It's a stunner – my uni looked NOTHING like that!

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