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Getting back into travel blogging

After we got back from our Canadian road trip in August, my life changed dramatically. I moved out and got a flat with my boyfriend, I started a new job and began post-graduation life. From June to mid-August, I was travelling back-to-back and blogging my way around the world, so when we finally moved into our new flat in Canterbury 2 months ago, I decided to take a social media break and give myself some time to get fully settled. I thought I’d be away a week – a month at most, but it’s turned into nearly 2 months away from writing and sharing photos from our adventures and travels. Whilst I was travelling, I constantly tried to keep up with my blog and I was sharing updates across all of my social media platforms regularly. My blog has always been a creative outlook for me, where I can share travel advice and my photos from around the world, but after the Canterbury move, I needed to go offline for a bit.
Getting back into travel blogging - Kat Last

During my social media break, we planned future trips. We have plans in place up until April 2018 and over the next few months I’m going to be providing you with more information about where we’re off to and what’s next on our bucket list. When Stuart and I moved in together, we both agreed that we were going to be sensible with money and save so that we could continue to travel frequently. It’s amazing how cheaply you can travel if you’re prepared to hunt around for promotions and travel at off-peak times. All I know is that travel is my biggest interest in life, so I intend to work hard so that I can continue to see the world.

Getting back into travel blogging - Kat Last

Lately I’ve missed putting together articles, editing photos and engaging with other travel and Disney enthusiasts. Taking a step away from the online world has been healthy, but I’m now ready to bounce back into things and get back to travel writing. After all, it’s my favourite hobby! It won’t be long until the regular travel content resumes on my little corner of the internet, but until then, I just want to say thank you if you’re reading this – I really appreciate you sticking with me over the past couple of months.

Thanks for reading my blog today.


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