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A morning in historic Faversham

During my week off work in September, my parents came to visit for a couple of days and we ended up spending some time in Canterbury and nearby historic town Faversham. I’d never been to Faversham so it was exciting to visit somewhere new, especially seeing as I’ve been making an effort to explore more of Kent in the past year. We drove over to Faversham after breakfast on a rainy Wednesday morning and we parked up in the town centre near the historic market place, which Faversham is known for. We put a couple of hours on the car park as we weren’t sure how much there was to do in the town, before setting off on foot for the historic town centre.

Faversham market place, Kent

The first thing that came into my head when we reached the marketplace was wow, what lovely colours! There were pink, mint green and orange buildings alongside traditional black and white-fronted Tudor-style cottages and this was all within 5 minutes of our car – what a fantastic surprise. Most of these buildings were home to independent gift shops, cafes and Shepherd Neame pubs: the famous Kent beer producer still resides in Faversham town, so naturally all of the pubs are run by the local brewer. We wandered around the core of the marketplace first, before walking out towards the Shepherd Neame Visitor Centre and Church Street.

Church Street, Faversham

Church Street had lots of gorgeous painted houses, much like Blackfriars Street in Canterbury. At the end of the street was the St Mary of Charity Church which looks absolutely majestic at the end of the pastel-coloured row of buildings. We went inside the Church briefly and it was just as beautiful inside. It was much bigger than we expected from the outside and it looked like a fantastic venue for ceremonies and Weddings.

Shepherd Neame Visitor Centre, Faversham

After we’d been inside the Church, we were able to go into the Shepherd Neame Visitor Centre. My Dad has been a fan of their beer for years so it was great to be able to go inside and see their merchandise and all of the different types of beer that they offer. If you’re a beer fan you can actually join their Brewery Tour and based on how interesting the Visitor Centre was, I’m sure it wouldn’t disappoint. Before we left the centre I picked up an illustrative postcard of Faversham town centre to add my collection. After all of our adventures and days out this year, my postcard collection has certainly grown.

Flowers outside The Sun Inn in Faversham, Kent

The last thing we did in Faversham was head back to the Marketplace for a little bit of shopping. My Dad picked up a cup of tea at the town’s vintage tearoom whilst we wandered in and out of the gift stores. I took some photos of the Clock tower and the surrounding square, vowing to come back to the town on a warm sunny day so that I’d be able to capture the vibrant coloured buildings in the best light.

Faversham was an absolute delight and seeing as it’s only 10 miles from Canterbury, I’m sure we’ll head back there in the not-so-distant future. I had a fab time exploring somewhere new with my parents.

Have you ever been to Faversham? Did you try the Shepherd Neame brewery tour?

Thanks for reading my blog today.

Love Kat xxxx



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