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Lisbon souvenir haul

As I’m writing this post, I’m on the plane home from Portugal. Since Monday I’ve been in Lisbon, enjoying the sunshine, the sea and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the Portuguese capital. Lisbon is such a beautiful city. There are colourful buildings everywhere and the intricate architecture is really impressive. Lisbon is somewhere that you should visit in the Summer months for a few nights, if you fancy a relaxing weekend away or a short break from work. Lisbon is totally geared up for tourists, despite not being as popular as London, Paris or Rome. There are gift shops throughout the city, selling postcards, shot glasses and gorgeous artwork. Naturally, I picked up a few postcards for my travel scrapbook, so I thought I’d show you them and a couple of other souvenirs in today’s post.

A lot of the postcards feature the icon yellow trams, that the city is known for. The trams are very old, but they’re part of the city’s image, so it’s great to see that they are still in operation. My favourite tram postcard (middle left) features the vertical tram that goes up and down the hill. This tram reminds me of the funicular in Budapest that takes you up to Fisherman’s Bastion. The vertical tram is situated on a very colourful street and it’s great fun to walk down. Maybe avoid walking up it though, as the hill is very steep!

I purchased some panoramic postcards that showcase a view of Lisbon, Portugal in letters and the main square at night. These postcards are bookmark sized and I thought they’d look great as part of a collage in my scrapbook.

In addition to postcards, I bought a pink Lisbon notebook and a wooden tile from photography company ‘Lisbon Squared’. The notebook is a great size for my handbag, so I think I’ll keep it as an ideas book that I can add to whenever I’m out and about. The tile is very Instagram-esque and I thought it’d be a lovely keepsake from our trip.

There were some fab souvenirs in Lisbon, at not too high a price. The city isn’t as cheap as Central or Eastern Europe (Prague, Budapest and Warsaw), but for a few days, you don’t need to have loads of money to have a good time, pick up some souvenirs and eat in nice restaurants in the city. I had such a lovely time and I’m thrilled with my little Lisbon haul.

Have you ever been to Lisbon?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Kel McK says:

    I love the yellow trams, I can see why you picked up so many postcards of them – so cute!
    And you can never have too many notebooks! x

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