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3 places you have to visit in Vienna

Vienna is such a beautiful city, with its musical links, rich history and fantastic local cuisine. It was the second stop on our interrailing tour last September and it is a city that I would happily go back to in a heartbeat. Vienna doesn’t have as many tourist attractions as other cities, but there are certainly a few places that every budding traveller should visit!

1. Mozart’s house

With my student card I paid 9 euros to go into Mozart’s famous flat in the city centre. Now I know nothing about classical music or Mozart, but we decided to visit his old house because it’s one of the main attractions on Vienna’s tourist maps. I left the tour feeling really content as it such a fascinating insight into the musician’s life. Mozart was quite the character! I would totally recommend a visit to the house; it’s a chance to see how high society lived!

2. Schönbrunn Palace

We didn’t actually get a chance to go inside Schönbrunn Palace because the palace was shutting when we arrived, but even seeing the outside was still pretty amazing. The palace is a gorgeous yellow colour and an absolutely wonderful building. Definitely take the tube to Schönbrunn and visit the palace when you’re in Vienna, it’s a real treat!

3. Vienna’s old town

Grab some apful strudel and have a seat in the old town when you’re visiting the Austrian capital. There is music playing in the streets and the atmosphere is fantastic. The old town is full of luxurious shops, adorable restaurants and some really classic architecture.

Have you ever been to Vienna?

Love Kat xxxx



  1. Unknown says:

    I went to Vienna last Summer and it was stunning! You have such a lovely little blog here, you should be so proud of all your hard work! x

  2. Food & Baker says:

    We're heading to Vienna this summer and we will most definitely be checking these places out!

    Jessica & James |

  3. Kat Last says:

    You're going to love Vienna. It's such a fab city!


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