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5 things to do in Bratislava

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these ‘things to do in…’ blog posts, especially seeing as our last city break was Munich in December, where we spent most of our time at the Christmas Markets, and before that we were trekking around Western Canada’s National Parks in August. Bratislava isn’t what I’d consider a tourist attraction packed city, hence why I’ve only opted for 5 suggestions in this post, not my usual 10. It’s a pretty and peaceful city with good restaurants, kind locals and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s got an absolutely gorgeous old town, which is probably the busiest part of the city, but you don’t need to spend very long there to cover it all. If you’re travelling to Bratislava for the weekend, 2 nights is an ample amount of time to see everything the city has for offer. I’d recommend that you combine Bratislava with a day trip to Vienna, Austria though and stay in Bratislava for 3 nights.

Bratislava Old Town Hall - Kat Last

1. Visit the Castle.

Bratislava Castle on a sunny day

The castle towers above the city and you can see it from anywhere in the old town. On the first Sunday of every month castle entry is free, but the rest of the time adult tickets are €7. The grounds are free to walk around, so even if you don’t fancy paying to go inside the castle, I highly recommend making the most of the grounds. You can experience amazing views of the city from the castle!

2. Take a trip up to the top of the UFO tower.

Views of the Old Town from Bratislava's UFO Tower Observation Deck

Standard adult tickets for the UFO Tower Observation Deck are €7. You get to see the castle and old Town from the top of the tower, so I highly recommend paying to go up to the top. There is a restaurant as well on this floor, but it is on the expensive side.

3. Visit the Old Town Hall.

Bratislava's Old Town Hall at night

The Old Town Hall (Museum of City History) is a hidden gem in the city. Not only do you get to explore a wide variety of exhibitions in the museum, you can also take the stairs up to the observation walkway and take in views of the old town.

Old Town Hall tower at sunset, Bratislava

4. Visit the Blue Church.

The Blue Church, Bratislava

The Blue Church is absolutely beautiful and very unique. It is located in a very pretty and colourfully-painted part of the city, which is very different to the old town. It’s about 10 minutes walk outside of the centre, so very easy to get to if you fancy seeing some different architecture.

5. Hunt down some of the city’s statues.

Statues in Bratislava's Old Town

Bratislava has lots of comical statues dotted around the city. You often see tourists gathering around them, taking fun photos.

Comical statues in Bratislava

If you’re heading to Bratislava soon, I hope you find this list of suggestions useful. It’s a lovely city, but largely undiscovered for Central Europe in terms of visitor numbers.

Have you ever been to Bratislava?

Thanks for reading my blog today.

Love Kat xxxx



  1. Kel McK says:

    It looks like such a cute place to visit!

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