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Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga

Before we go away on a trip, I always like to research restaurants to visit in the area that we’re visiting. Going to restaurants abroad is a real experience for me and as someone who likes to write restaurant reviews, I find it so interesting to read where locals and seasoned tourists recommend you visit. When I was looking at restaurants to try in Riga, Rozengrāls was high on most lists and once I stumbled across their website, I knew it was the place for us. A themed Medieval restaurant in the heart of the Old Town? We didn’t need to read anymore, we were definitely going to head there for dinner on one of our nights in Riga.
Kat Last and Stuart eating dinner at Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia

Rozengrāls is difficult to miss if you’re strolling the streets of Riga. It’s on a very old street in the touristy part of the city, with a very big Rozengrāls sign and a member of staff stood outside in full Medieval costume, carrying lots of menus and trying to entice you in. Throughout the day visitors to the city gather around the entrance, intrigued about what’s behind the big heavy doors, that the man dressed in Medieval dress is stood in front of. We arrived at the restaurant at about 5:30 on the Friday night and had no wait at all, which was a real surprise as I’d read online beforehand that it gets super busy in the evenings. I think going for an early dinner helped though as we were able to get a table before the rush.

Outside Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia

The entire menu was Medieval themed, so we had a fab time choosing what to eat. For starter we picked a Latvian take on garlic bread: fried rye bread with a delicious garlic sauce and it didn’t disappoint – the bread was absolutely delicious. Rye bread is a Latvian specialty and we can certainly see why the locals rave so much about it.

Fried rye bread with garlic sauce for starter at Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia

For our main courses, I ordered the chickpea and aubergine hot pot and Stuart had the roast pork. When you compare our dishes, I think Stuart had the much better deal as his pork meal was huge! The photo of him looking at the pork makes me laugh so much, as his face just shows pure delight. My vegetarian meal was tasty nonetheless, so I was still very happy with my food. I have to say that I was incredibly impressed by the amount of vegetarian options on offer at Rozengrāls. Latvian and medieval cuisine is very meat heavy, so it was fantastic to see an entire page of the restaurant menu filled with vegetarian options.

Stuart eating roast pork at Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia
Table setup at Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia
After we’d finished our meal, it was time to pay the bill and head back to the hotel. The bill came to €40, which is relatively affordable for such a themed restaurant. Rozengrāls was a great place to visit and I’d recommend it to anyone that is visiting Riga anytime soon. It’s a tourist attraction in itself, with its authentic Medieval decor.

Medieval flag at the entrance to Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia
Medieval decor and signage outside Rozengrāls Medieval Restaurant in Riga, Latvia

Have you ever been to Riga? Do you like going to themed restaurants?
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  1. Kel McK says:

    I LOVE a themed restaurant! I walked past this place a couple of times when I was in Riga and really wanted to go in but felt a bit daft as I was on my own – I thought I'd save it for when I manage to go back with company!

  2. Kat Last says:

    Aww bless you, I totally understand! Hopefully you get to go back to Riga soon! If you like themed restaurants, you'll love Rozengrāls.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂


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