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Scrapbooking our weekend in Riga

Riga is a Baltic gem, approximately 3 hours from the UK by plane. It has the architecture of Scandinavia and the spirit of London, Paris or Rome, yet it has a distinctly Eastern European feel. We visited the Latvian capital in early March, after finding a brilliant deal last October. For somewhere that’s not particularly easy to get to, I was amazed at being able to find flights for £80 each and hotels in Riga city centre are extremely affordable, so booking a trip to Riga was a no-brainer. From the moment we arrived, Riga was photography gold! Everywhere I looked there were beautiful buildings, archways and intricate alleyways. I took lots of photos of all of these things and then picked my favourite photos to print when I got home. A couple of weeks after our trip, I started putting these photos in my scrapbook, alongside my tickets and leaflets from the weekend away. Starting with my Ryanair boarding pass, I filled the next 8 pages with written and visual memories of our Latvian travels.

Pages 1 and 2 of the Riga section of my travel scrapbook - arriving in Latvia and exploring Riga's Old Town
Our hotel had lots of city maps and leaflets in reception when we arrived and you can see these presented on the first few pages. I found some Latvian stickers during our first few hours in Riga and these are also scattered throughout the Latvia pages of my scrapbook. These were such a lucky find, as national flag stickers are not particularly easy to find online.

Pages 3 and 4 of the Riga section of my travel scrapbook - seeing the Daugava River for the first time and visiting a city art gallery
My prints were purchased from Printiki, who I’ve frequently ordered my photos from since I collaborated with them on a Canada scrapbooking post last September. Printiki prints are much more creative than regular 6 x 4 prints and I love how they look against the black pages in my scrapbook.
Pages 5 and 6 of the Riga section of my travel scrapbook - dining at Rozengrals Medieval restaurant and viewing the city from above
For decorations I used my favourite luggage tags from The Works, patterned washing tape from Hobbycraft and tan-coloured ruled labels from The Range. I used these materials to break up the postcards, tickets and photos laid out across the pages. Speaking of postcards, I found lots of lovely ones whilst browsing gift shops in Riga. I settled on the 3 pictured below, as I felt they were entirely different to other postcards that I’ve picked up around the world.

Pages 7 and 8 of the Riga section of my travel scrapbook - dining at Colonel Brew Pub & Kitchen in Riga's Old Town and the journey home

I really enjoy scrapbooking our adventures and it was so much fun getting to organise my postcards, photos and tickets from the trip in such a creative way. If you’d like to start scrapbooking yourself, I’ve written a post about my recommended scrapbooking starter kit, which features lots of the materials that you’ll need. Scrapbooking is such a relaxing hobby!

Have you ever been to Riga? What did you think of the city?
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