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Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Earlier this month, we headed to Disneyland Paris for the weekend and the start of the spooky season. The month of October is a pretty exciting time at Disneyland Paris as it’s Halloween and for the entire month there are additional decorations, shows, parades and attractions. Travelling by Eurostar on Friday 4th October, we arrived in Paris for the second weekend of the month long celebration.

Sleeping Beauty Castle during Halloween season, Disneyland Paris

Halloween in the Disney Village

Halloween decorations in the Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

On the Friday night we ate dinner at Annette’s Diner in the Disney Village and after we’d finished eating we went shopping in the village. There were Halloween statues, bunting and spooky lighting effects and the shopping district came alive once it started to get dark. It was so nice to see the Disney Village seasonally decorated – it is an extension of the theme parks after all!

Pumpkins on Main Street

Halloween display above the Disneyland Park entrance, Disneyland Paris

We noticed the Halloween decorations on Main Street as soon as we reached the entrance to the Disneyland Park on the Saturday morning. There was a big orange display above the entrance to the park with a banner and Mickey pumpkin at the centre, surrounded by Halloween shadow sketches of Mickey, Minnie and their pals. Main Street itself certainly had pumpkin fever as each of the windows had a little pumpkin in front of them. There were ghost-like characters on the pavement and courtyards and Autumn bunting hanging from one side of Main Street to the other.

Ghost-like characters and pumpkins on Main Street, Disneyland Paris

At nighttime the Autumn bunting glowed, giving Main Street an extra element of dazzle at the end of the day. The street lights had been filled with orange bulbs and some of them even had witches hats on top. The attention to detail was marvellous! No wonder the parks are so popular in October.

Main Street at night during Halloween season, Disneyland Paris

Maleficent in Fantasyland

Maleficent's "vines" behind the castle in Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris

We spent a lot of time in Fantasyland over the course of the weekend. There was eery ‘mist’ being pumped into the air throughout the theme park area and Maleficent’s ‘vines’ had started to pop up behind the castle. You could even meet Maleficent behind the castle; a rare character who only seems to appear for meet and greets during Halloween season.

Pumpkins and Day of the Dead in Frontierland

Pumpkin characters near Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris

Frontierland had the best Halloween decorations in my opinion. There were pumpkin head characters at the entrance to the land, shadow lanterns and fall-inspired floral arrangements. The Fuente del Oro Restaurante section of the land had received a Day of the Dead makeover with Coco-inspired statues and decorations. At nighttime the restaurant and the surrounding area was lit with beautiful purple lighting, helping to recreate the colourful after dark ambiance of the hit Pixar movie and Mexican festival.

Day of the Dead displays in Frontierland, Disneyland Paris
Day of the Dead lantern in Frontierland, Disneyland Paris

Halloween Parade

Winnie the Pooh characters in the Halloween parade at Disneyland Paris

A cheery, harvest-themed parade set to a very catchy Country number travelled through Main Street at intervals during the day. Complete with Winnie the Pooh and haunted house-inspired floats, we really enjoyed taking a short break and watching the unique parade.

As you can tell, there are lots of exciting additions to Disneyland Paris at Halloween time. There’s a villains-themed show on the castle stage too, but with only two days in the parks we simply didn’t have time for everything. If you’re considering a Halloween Disneyland Paris trip, definitely aim to visit in early October. It’s considered low – mid season and you can get some amazing deals for hotels and the Eurostar. The closer you get to actual Halloween, the pricier your trip will be.

What’s your favourite time of year to visit Disneyland Paris?

Thanks for reading my blog today.

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